Peek Reseller API


How to use core extensions
Peek Pro currently supports the following capabilities:
  • Pricing
  • Webhooks
All of them are optional but may provide functionality to improve your integration.
Capability ID
Adds pricing to most endpoints giving you advanced static and dynamic pricing capabilities.
Programatically create webhooks to listen for booking confirmations, updates and cancellations.
Each capability is defined like:
"id": "octo/pricing",
"revision": 1,
"required": true,
"dependencies": ["octo/pricing"],
"default": true
The identifier of this capability. You'll need to include this in the request header or parameter. To use this capability.
A auto-incrementing integer indicating the supported revision of this capability. Capability revisions will always be backward compatible.
Whether supporting this capability is required in order to sell this product.
An array of other capabilities that this capability requires in order to be used.
A URL to the online documentation for this capability.
Whether this is a default capability that's enabled.
By default, Peek Pro will enable the full list of capabilities all the time. There is currently no mechanism for controlling which capabilities are active.
To know which capabilities you are using, the HTTP response will echo the Octo-Capabilities header including the list that were applied. For example:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Octo-Capabilities: octo/pricing, octo/webhooks

Required Capabilities

Some products cannot be sold without the use of a capability. If that is the case then the required: true will be put on the capability object within that product. If you have not implemented that capability then you cannot sell the product.

Capability Versioning

The capabilities defined on products include a revision number which will increment each time we update the capability. It's important to note that capabilities will NEVER introduce breaking changes, if they do then a new capability will be written entirely. For example: octo/pricing2
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